27th October 2019


Looking down... Looking up

Jesus is excellent at telling stories.  Stories to make us think and understand the different values between the world and heaven.  Some say He turns things upside down, but I say that He turns things the right way up!


The story of the Tax Man and the Pharisee (Luke 18:9-14) is simple but profound.


We see the Pharisee, the man who looked at God’s Word constantly but never taking the real meaning to heart, exalting himself before God.  Not only that but judging the tax collector.  The Tax Collector, who would have been despised by his fellow countrymen for collecting taxes for the Romans and taking the opportunity for gathering an extra bag of money for himself, simply came before God asking for mercy.


We see their stance, as they stand in the Temple before God.  One, full of pride, nose in the air declaring how good he is, and the other looking down, humbly offering himself to God.  We have to remember that God sees our hearts, and how we think and behave towards others.

Our Bibles – and today is Bible Sunday – explain to us about God’s LOVE.  A love so strong that He cannot leave us as we are, in our own sorry state, but comes to save, help and restore.  Jesus always graduated to the people others looked down upon, and there is a bit of hint there for us!


God is asking us to have a right relationship with Himself, and then to look at others from His perspective.  No-one is beyond redemption if they recognize and acknowledge their sin….their separation from God.  It’s so IMPORTANT to join in with Christ’s mission on earth which is to bring people into His Kingdom.  No-one can save themselves; everyone needs a Saviour.


We all need to be humble and to look up to our glorious God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


Why not take a moment to come before God yourself?  Are you looking up or down?  What does Jesus say to you?