16th February 2020

When God stopped...

In the reading we find two different people’s needs being met by Jesus, but their stories combine and intermingle.   Jesus is surrounded by crowds pressing in from all sides.  This man and this woman give us a special opportunity to observe and learn about the power of Jesus and his compassion, love and care.


Jairus has status in society; the woman unnamed is a social outcast but they both desperately need help from Jesus.  One marches through the crowds, the other overcomes all obstacles, and creeps towards Christ.  Both were willing to humble themselves to receive a healing touch from Jesus.


One speaks boldly, the other gets close enough to touch the hem of Jesus’ gown.


Jairus, a synagogue ruler wielded tremendous respect and fear, yet he came to Jesus publicly and fell to his knees. His need, a daughter dying, was shouting much, much more than his pride.  Jairus explained and Jesus went with him   -  GOD STOPPED!

Then Jesus stopped again as a woman touched the hem of his gown… He knew!  GOD STOPPED for her.  She fell down at His feet; he listened, healed and gave her a name ‘Daughter’.

Then Jesus goes with Jairus and the daughter having died in the meantime, is brought back to life.


What do we observe? 


  • Jesus (God) did not choose one person above the other.  

  • He stopped, met both of their needs right where they were, and their lives were never the same again.  

  • The crowds see the well-known synagogue leader; they see the unclean woman.  Everyone sees how Jesus heals and restores.  Lots of attitudes are turned upside down.


What is God saying to you? 


You are IMPORTANT to Him, and He will always stop for you.

Whatever obstacles you face in reaching Him… outwardly or inwardly… keep moving towards Him.  Reach Him… talk to Him and … receive from Him.

Energised to put the love of Christ into action


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