13th October 2019

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We get used to see in films people changing from one thing to another…….think of Superman in the telephone box or other instances that as a person runs they are transformed.  The wonders of modern techniques!


For a truly miraculous changing think of the ten lepers who, on crying out to Jesus for mercy, are told by Him to go and show themselves to a priest.   The meaning was apparent to them, for only a priest could give them a clear bill of health, and as they went their leprosy disappeared.  Imagine their faces.


And so……these people walked to their new restored lives.  The joy of being back amongst their families and friends, able to work and be responsible for themselves and their loved ones.  


All ten responded to Jesus and were obedient to his command, and as they went, they were healed.  This is what faith does.  It impels us to obey before we see the full evidence of God’s work within us.

Only one of the ten lepers came back to thank Jesus!  Isn’t this shocking?  It gives us thought on how important it is to say thank you – a word of thanks for a present or a service – it makes for beautiful hearts for the receiver and for the giver.

Jesus wonders aloud where the other 90% are and points out that the least expected person had returned.  In other words, the nine Jewish people had just gone on into their restored lives, while the foreigner and separated by race man came back to Jesus.


This Samaritan learned that his faith had played a part in his healing, and it reminds us that only grateful Christians grow in understanding of God’s grace.  God doesn’t demand our thankfulness, but when we are thankful, He is so pleased with us and it increases our knowledge of God’s Kingdom.  Relationship with God enhanced and is fruitful.


We are challenged to gives thanks and praise to our God for all He provides.  God’s love, grace, forgiveness and restoration.  Being with us to comfort and to guide and to be blessed.  We hear, from this story, that there is a danger in taking God’s goodness for granted, as the nine did.  To avoid it we need to practice praise….why not start right now by giving thanks for a few things, and then proceed with a new heart of thankfulness!