This week's blog is written by Cathrine Ngangira, the Curate of Holy Cross Bearsted..


Christmas is here!!

In Bearsted, one doesn’t need a calendar or carols to be reminded that it's Christmas time. The Christmas lights around the houses speak. Some are simple and some seem complicated. Some seem few and dim and others too much. There is not little or too much light when it comes to Christmas lights - a light is a light – at least that is my excuse for not having as much outside decorations as most houses in my road.

As I admire, I ask myself what the lights mean for each household. Christmas is about The Light. As told in the Gospel of John chapter one, the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. John the Baptist testifies that, the true Light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world. 

Yes, the Light is a person – Jesus Christ. He was born at Christmas time to brighten the dark world. He does not need new batteries every now and again to keep shining, neither does He require to be connected to some source of power socket. He is the light.

The incarnation of Jesus (God becoming human in the form of Jesus) is the ‘switching on’ of the divine light into creation. While vulnerable and small, the baby Jesus would grow to be a beacon light that draws everyone to refuge and safety. The light still shines bringing comfort, joy and hope to all who draw near.

At a time when the world is yet darkened by another Covid variant, adding on top of other issues like climate change and conflicts between nations. There is not a time when we need the Light more than ever.

The question is when The Light comes, are we able to recognise him?  Or will we be distracted by the fact that The Light looks small?

May the Light of Christ shine in your hearts and brighten your homes now and during the coming year.  


Happy Christmas!!