This month's blog has been written by Diana Sandford, part of the New Way family.  

During the summer holidays, our Church Family will be taking holidays and we may not see some for several weeks. Does that mean we stop thinking about them? Surely not, because they are our ‘Church Family’ and we will stop, think and pray for them. In our Home Group, we have agreed to pray for each other at our normal meeting time each week over our summer break, 9.45am on Wednesdays. This is my mid-week Church Family.

When I walk into church on a Sunday, I physically relax and breathe easily as I feel the atmosphere of love and shared values. This is my Sunday Church Family; a place where I belong. We all care for each other; whether we are on the welcome desk; making coffee and tea; setting up to sing; doing a reading; delivering the talk or prayers; looking after the young people in Seekers OR simply being there to encourage and support one another.

Five years ago, I had three bereavements in just over three years – my dear husband Trevor (aged 64), my wonderful mother Betty (aged 91) and my lovely brother Chris (aged 67). Church was a safe and loving place where I could meet God with friends and even spend the time crying with grief. God met me there in dark times and surrounded me with my loving Christian Family.

We will never be alone. What blessed assurance! Tomorrow will be a good day.