Where does all our rubbish go!


In context of our mini series about Creation and the Environment we went to find out more...

A small, yet select and possibly smelly group of us spent an enjoyable afternoon looking at...yes - you guessed it... RUBBISH! Tons and tons of it!

We had a very thought provoking visit around the Allington incinerator – responsible for the processing of a large proportion of our Kentish rubbish. They separate the food waste from the black bin waste and then process it by shredding it and  feeding the huge incinerator.

  1. Separate your food waste out – it is usefully harvested of methane for power and the residue is made into fertiliser

  2. Recycle your glass carefully  - it causes unusable residue when burnt in the incinerator – so don't place glass into a black bin! 

  3. Large items such as mattresses etc must be disposed of correctly.

  4. Try to generate as little rubbish as you can – they are building more processing plants but we should all try and reduce our consumption.

"Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" before Recovery or Disposal

It was a fascinating insight into the rubbish business – topped off at the end by a lovely sociable drink at the Poppy Fields.

Next stop – Crayford! To look at the recycling side...Keen to join us?

It produces electricity for up to 70, 000 houses and some very carefully regulated low level emissions and waste product. They only deliver 1% to landfill.

Handy hints for us environmentally conscious producers of garbage as follows: