22nd December 2019

This is the fourth and final blog in a series specifically for Advent, setting the scene for the first and successive Sundays in Advent, leading up to Christmas day.  We hope you have enjoyed them. You can download these as a PDF documents individually each week by using the link at the bottom of the screen, and we would encourage you to share, mail, facebook post, tweet these blogs throughout Advent.

Advent is... Doing

Advent means waiting… not just sitting down, doing nothing, but waiting and looking to God to see what this waiting entails.  Looking back to the first coming of Jesus to earth we give thanks, but as we wait for Him to come again… how do we wait?


Psalm 1 illustrates the life of the faithful person in contrast to the life of the faithless person.  Here we see that the faithful delight in doing everything God wants them to do; they  meditate on his laws/ways and think about how to follow Him more closely.  They, it beautifully describes, are like trees along a riverbank producing much fruit.  Waiting means letting our roots go down into Christ, the Living Water.


Getting closer to God;  Father,  Son  and Holy

When Jesus visited Mary and Martha in their home, we see that Martha not only busied herself with cooking but also became cross because Mary, instead of helping her, was ‘just’ sitting at  Jesus’ feet listening to Him! Jesus did not blame Martha for being concerned about household chores, but He was asking her to set priorities, as Mary was doing the better thing at this time.  It reminds us that it is possible for service to Christ to degenerate into mere busy work that is not full of devotion to God.  Perhaps we should be listening to Jesus and knowing what He is saying by studying the Gospels.


Spirit… from the overflow of our hearts, which are loved and precious to God, we are to shine as His lights in a dark world.

This Advent and Christmas let us kneel…

nativity with candles -3882218.jpg

At the manger,

Adore, give thanks for Jesus,

Ponder the Word made flesh,

Receive the love of God,

Give the gift of our hearts, and

Go on our way rejoicing,

and serving

Immanuel, God with us. 


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