16th December 2018

This is the fourth in a series of blogs specifically for Advent, setting the scene for the first and successive Sundays in Advent, leading up to Christmas day.  We hope you enjoy them. You can download these as a PDF documents individually each week by using the link at the bottom of the screen, and we would encourage you to share, mail, facebook post, tweet these blogs throughout Advent.

Mary, the mother of Jesus…

This week we think about the Virgin Mary, mentioned throughout Advent and Christmas because of who she was and the role she played.  But, we don’t just look at what she did then and there, we need to look at Mary as a whole, to learn how we can be more like her, and how God can then work in our lives. 

From the moment we see Mary being given the message by the angel Gabriel, that she, an unmarried girl living in Nazareth, would carry the Fathers son, we can learn a lesson about how we should act.  When Mary was called she was afraid, but nonetheless she still accepted the call of God.  It can be like that for us too.  We may be scared and afraid of what God has called us to do, but we need to learn to trust in Him.

I remember when I was little, imagining my own life; where I would go, what I would do.  At that time I wanted to be a school teacher, but I remember clearly the day I felt God calling me, telling me that was not 

virgin mary altar church-170454.jpg

what he wanted.  I was so afraid, and at that moment, shocked, because being a teacher was all I had ever imagined.  Mary also had a life, which she was living prayerfully and sincerely.  She had plans; to marry Joseph.  Then suddenly, in a moment, her world is turned upside down.  That one message would change everything.

Her decision to accept God’s plan brought great joy into her life.  She was chosen by God to bring His only son into our world, a son who was coming to earth to save us all.  But, when Mary said “yes” to God there were to be toils and troubles along her path, and we are not promised that following Him will give us an easy life either. 

Mary, from that point on would face many challenges.  She was unmarried and pregnant - what would people think? Her fiancé was confused and conflicted - how would he react? She would be homeless in childbirth, and became a refugee as a young mother - where would they go?… and some 30 years later when her son is crucified, she would bear unbearable heartache and pain.  Yet she loved and protected Jesus during his life on earth, not only for God, but also for us, so that we may be forgiven.

Mary’s life was not plain sailing but she kept God close to her heart and followed his plan for her life.  It can be like that for us, when we say “yes” to Him, we know that not everything will necessarily be easy, but with God in our heart we can follow the path the he has set out for us.


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