2nd December 2018

This is the second in a series of blogs specifically for Advent, setting the scene for the first and successive Sundays in Advent, leading up to Christmas day.  We hope you enjoy them. You can download these as a PDF documents individually each week by using the link at the bottom of the screen, and we would encourage you to share, mail, facebook post, tweet these blogs throughout Advent.

Messengers and messages…


Picture the scene, the school nativity play, Mary and Joseph tenderly holding the little baby Jesus.  Beside them stand a couple of shepherds and a small flock of sheep. In come the three wise men with their presents, maybe a camel or two and .  Then surrounding the scene are angels… lots and lots of angels.

cute angel with star-1912661.png

 I remember being an angel, not ‘The Angel’, but I was there with my tinsel wings and a big smile.  Parents sometimes get upset when their child is ‘just another angel… filling a gap’.  But Angels don’t just fill gaps, they are Gods special messengers, they join in the celebration.  Luke’s gospel talks of the angels coming together to praise God and bring the message of peace. 

But God didn’t just communicate through Angels.  During Advent we remember the prophets, people who lived in communities

and shared the messages they had received from God.  They spoke of how He wanted people to live together, be with Him, follow His way, because He created them and knew their needs.  It wasn’t always easy, the prophets were often ridiculed and rejected. 


The message was, and is, that ‘God wants a relationship with us and offers us the gifts of joy, hope and peace, but we may need to change’.  We today can be just the same as people thousands of years ago, quite happy doing things our way, not wanting to change.  We may think we don’t need to change… but what do most of us do every New Year?… make a resolution or two, to try to improve something!  Advent is the start of the church’s year.  It is about asking God to help us to change.

 But how does God communicate this in todays world?  He communicates through people and everyday encounters, and even through technology.  You may be used to getting news messages on your phone, but did you know you can also get messages from God?  He doesn’t just use prophets or angels with trumpets to communicate with us, he meets us in the simple, in the everyday.  He reaches out to you through family, friends, and even the man you chat to as you walk the dog.  God has your best interests at heart, but he sometimes has a tough message.  You may need to step outside 

your comfort zone, try something new or give up something which is bad for you, in order to fully enjoy life.  Nonetheless God’s message is always a message of Love, Peace, Joy and Hope. 


As you look towards 2019 and think about the resolutions you may make, take some time to listen out for the message God might be sending you. Be ready for Him to use something or someone unexpected. 


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